One year almost down

So I’ve neglected to write for the past 10 months. Lets just say I’ve been pretty busy. lol

I’ll get to my Birth storey soon, but until then I’M LOVING motherhood. We named our little boy Henry and he has been such a blessing. Such a gentle nature and a great eater/sleeper….what more could I wish for.




What a Day!

So today started off as normal. However in the afternoon I decided to use the food processor. after washing it up I dropped the blade on my foot. Welllllllllll, didn’t the blood squirt everywhere! I’ve never seen so much.

My poor mum went pale and I just said ‘oops you better drive me to hospital I think I need stitches. We started to make our way to the car when I remembered my neighbour is a nurse and would be home. So Dad went over and got her. Lucky as I didn’t need stitches but she did have to clean it all up and put some special plastic stitch thing on it.

She said it wasn’t too deep but I would need to be careful of infection. GREAT! I wouldn’t be surprised if the shock send me into early labour!….


Stay Calm

So last week my parents arrived from the other side of Australia to stay 2 months with us. After one week I’m already pulling my hair out. I haven’t lived with them since I was 15 and haven’t noticed before how old my mum has become. Just little things like repeating herself or repeating what I say in order for her to comprehend. I don’t know if this stress is good for me right now.

The point was for them to help me around the house but I am such a clean freak that its been a bit of a struggle for me to adjust to people wearing shoes in the house etc.. Stay Calm J!

don’t get me wrong I love them to bits, I’m just stuck in my ways, and so is Mr J.

I had my weekly check up today, 38 weeks this Saturday. Anyway we went shopping before the appointment and Mum thought she had left her hand bag in the shop when we had arrived at the Dr’s.

All hell broke loose for a few minutes until we found the bag under her seat. Meanwhile I too had started to panic. When the Dr took my blood pressure I said it would probably be high today…. Sure enough it was!


Antenatal Classes

So Saturday saw us attend the antenatal one day express class at the Hospital. It took a few weeks to get Mr J on board for these. after much protest- I won that fight! Apparently there was some race day on that all his work friends were going to… Oh well, just one sacrifice in the long list to come I guess.

The class was good. I actually did learn a lot! My Obstetrician doesn’t really tell me much when I see him so I was pretty happy to hear first hand how everything happens at the Hospital I’m attending.

My visits to the OB (now weekly) really just consist¬†of him taking my¬†blood pressure and asking ‘So, what’s wrong with you?’ then feeling my tummy.

Unlike all the other mothers on my Facebook group I never get my weight measured, urine sampled or told about bubs percentile or engagement. So we could assume my OB is pretty relaxed. As this is my first time I’m not sure if this is a good thing now.

The End Is Near

I am now 36 weeks pregnant with my first child. I was married one week after I turned 30 and was hiding a 12 week old secret under my wedding dress.

I can’t complain about anything with this pregnancy and I know how lucky I am- no morning sickness, no weight gain and no mood swings. I have felt tired at times but apart from that at 28 weeks I got the ‘Glow’ as I’ve been told and can honestly say I’ve LOVED being pregnant.

Now that the end is so near I’ve got so many questions: Are we ready?

This blog is going to explore those questions and what actually happens when two 30 something people, who love sleeping in, eating out, doing what ever they want-when they want, become PARENTS! and not just to their fur baby…

x J